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Why We Made This

Good products matter. Good businesses matter too

But if the hundreds of amazing artisanal makers, bakers, growers and creators out there are to survive, they’ll need support.

And that’s where you come in.

Many of the companies here found success selling business-to-business: stocking retail stores, restaurants and cafes that are now closed. What they lack right now is a strong base of direct customers. Customers like you.

Customers who are thinking, ‘how do I get what I need when I’m stuck at home?’

Customers who want more choice than giant chain stores provide

Customers who want a future where artisanal producers can survive

That’s what this website is for. Every business listed here is open and able to deliver. Sure, some of their websites might look a little clunky. Maybe you’ll need to pick up the phone to buy. But that’s not their main problem right now. Their problem is, they just need you to find them.

So, customers: meet your new favourite business. Businesses: meet your new favourite customer. We’re sure you’ll get along.

Are you an Unleashed customer and open for business?

Who we are

Unleashed Software helps businesses make, manage and move good products

The good products Marketplace is a showcase for our customers, because we believe it’s what they need right now – and because helping the small and medium-sized businesses that provide consumer choice is the right thing to do. If you’re a product business looking for support you can learn more in our Business Helping Business LinkedIn Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this site for?

The good products Marketplace is a showcase of Unleashed customers – the makers, bakers, movers, managers, growers and creators who provide product choice for consumers, and who need support during these challenging times.

It is a directory that lists those Unleashed customers who are “open for business” and selling their products online for consumers.  

FAQs for Site Visitors

The Marketplace groups businesses into key categories, across key countries and regions. Visitors to the site are able to explore categories based on their buying requirements, view different options, and click through to the businesses’ websites directly to purchase online from them. Here is an example of one of our listed customers, Dark Horse Coffee.

Just click through to the business listing’s website and order as you would from any other eCommerce website.

FAQs for Business Owners

Unfortunately, as the marketplace is a service we are providing at no additional cost for our active customers, it is in real terms being funded by all of them collectively through their subscriptions and so we cannot list other businesses.

This is completely free for all of our current active Unleashed customers! In return, we ask that you share The Marketplace on your social networks and with your friends and family.

If your business is on The Marketplace, you can update your listing details by navigating to your business listing and click the ‘Claim Listing’ button. If you haven’t already created an account you will be requested to do so. This will take you to a page where you will need to select ‘buy or claim your listing’ (this will not cost anything). Make sure you use an email address that is registered to your Unleashed account as this is how we ensure the right person/company claims the listing. We usually process a listings claim within 1 to 2 business days.

Once you’ve claimed your listing your listing will have a verified badge. You will be able to update your company name, logo, cover image, product images, website link, categories and tags – as and when you require. Each edit will go through a review process wherein your site will not be listed online. We usually complete these reviews within 1 to 2 business days. You will also be able to add a tagline and connect your social media accounts. 

For the user experience, it’s important to maintain the integrity of categories and tags that we are using to ensure that customers can easily find and search on the website. If you’d like to suggest a new tag or category please email and we will consider your request.

To keep things consistent and fair across all listings, there are no general advertising or promotions on the site, however you can include vouchers or offers for visitors to your listing to encourage them to purchase on your website. There will also be future opportunities for your listing to be featured, so watch this space.

To keep things fair, we can only offer one listing per Unleashed account. You’re more than welcome to start a second Unleashed account if you require one, or just let us know which website you want to profile on The Marketplace.